A Vision On Change, Innovation And Design Thinking

About the book
About the book

We have too much choice. There are just too many products and services that add very little value to our lives. It is pretty obvious that our current industrial model is not necessarily improving our happiness. Moreover it is exhausting our planet. Luckily, there is a growing awareness amongst consumers and business leaders that the world needs smart, sustainable and meaningful products and services.

Creating and launching meaningful products and services in the connected era requires a radical transformation. On one hand, creativity needs to think beyond industry recipes. On the other hand, creativity requires rationality to convert ideas into revenue.

In Create Meaningful Stuff, we want to contribute to this important economic and societal transition. This is why we wrote this book.

to share our vision on radical design and our methodology to create meaningful stuff. We hope that you will discover that Create Meaningful Stuff is not just about creating an object, but about creating an experience. The process in itself is always an incredible journey.

Chapter One

Chapter One: Get Inspired

In chapter one we explore current societal, economic and technological changes. These changes pose huge challenges. But creativity and holistic thinking will lead to radically new solutions.

Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Create a Future Sketch

Innovation starts with a deliberate investigation of future opportunities. In chapter two, we check how we can explore the future by keeping an open mind, by analysing trends and by telling stories.

Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Define Your Design Challenges

In chapter three, we explore how to come up with Design Challenges that create value for your future customers, but also for your future company. Future company? Yes, the world changes and so will your company.

Chapter Four

Chapter Four: Design Directions

Our Design Challenges will direct our creativity towards meaningful solutions. In chapter four, we explore observation, throw-away projects, prototyping and experimentation as a way to create new Design Directions.

Chapter Five

Chapter Five: Find your community

Chapter five is about putting our Design Directions into context. Are there any showstoppers? Is the market ready? Are we ready? Are the ideas still valuableand meaningful outside of the lab?

Chapter Six

Chapter Six: Design the Experience

Customers value products and services as a whole experience, from buying and learning to using and finally disposing. Design is not about shape, it is about creating a total experience, including the go-to-market.

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven: Action Learning

Design is learning. It is about exploring new spaces, exploring new ways to do things. This will impact your organisation, your processes. your team and you personally. Are you up for the challenge?

What The Experts Say

In this age where digital has become the new normal, the world needs meaningful stuff more than ever before. create meaningful stuff is a real game changer. Peter and Johan show us how creativity and business work together to create stuff that really matters.

Peter Hinssen, Thought leader, acclaimed author, keynote speaker and serial entrepreneur

Everything about create meaningful stuff could not be more relevant to the recent direction we’ve been pushing our own design teams.

Chris Cunningham, Vice President Hardgoods Equipment at Burton snowboards

Peter and Johan don’t just talk about innovation, creativity, and technology, they show us how to transform our way of thinking and thrive in this era of fast-paced technological change.

Ann Dewaele, Head of Digital Transformation, AG Insurance

The Book

Create Meaningful Stuff: Radical Design


Creativity in action

By Johan van Mol

New solutions, products, services, business models, strategies, ... don’t appear out of thin air. An occasional spark of genius may be necessary, but other than that, it is a deliberate exercise in perceiving, understanding and creating.

In this keynote, Johan van Mol highlights the nature of the creative thought process in innovation and design. And he will demonstrate some of the tools used at Studio Peter Van Riet, to turn creativity into meaningful stuff.

Forces of change

By Peter Van Riet

Change is a all around, in our personal live and in our business. Change means leaving things behind to enter an uncertain future. We fear and resist change. On the other hand change is exciting. Change is what defines us, our brand, our business, our industry.

Designer Peter Van Riet approaches change from a personal and a professional point of view, and explains how design is an approach to deal with change and to create meaning.

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